6th Generation and Counting

After a few years, the website is still here! And, hopefully it is a conduit to keeping the family ties a little stronger. The amount of matching funds given by the foundation to descendants of Peter Kuntz has grown. As the families grow with each new generation, it has been harder to accumulate information on births, marriages, and deaths on everyone, unless we’re notified. Please send us family update.а

The Family Tree you see on this website is just a small portion of the information we can put into the site. Obituaries, birth announcements, achievements can all be include. We want this to be a family source for everyone. And someday, when little Avery Vincze turns 21 (my 1st Granddaughter), she might ask for a matching donation for her church or organization. The Kuntz Foundation will know who she is!


A year ago this week, we lost Dad (Martin Kuntz Jr.) And, while it was unexpected, it should remind all of us to never lose sight of the people we love and the lessons they’ve taught us in life. This site is also a memorial to all those family members that came before us. We want to know who those people were, and keep those memories for futrue generations.а

Citadel72@aol.com ай George Kuntz 2022